An open source stack implementation of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol, for ultra low power, mid-range IoT sensor networks. The goal is to provide the reference implementation of the protocol, focussing on completeness, correctnes and being easy to understand.

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Fully bidirectional

Supports push and pull communication. From sensor-to-cloud to ad-hoc querying of the network, or a combination.

Low power

DASH7 allows for multi year battery lifetime, without giving up on low latency downlink communication.

sub-GHz bands

Using the license free sub-GHz bands allows for increased range and worldwide operation.

All OSI layers

DASH7 stack spans all OSI layers. All functionality is included in one spec, allowing for easy integration.

Multiple platforms

OSS-7 is easily portable to other hardware platforms and comes with support for multiple patforms out of the box.

Fully opensource

OSS-7 is a fully open source DASH7 implementation, hosted on github.

About IDLab

IDLab performs fundamental and applied research on internet technologies and data science. IDLab is a joint research initiative between the University of Antwerp and Ghent University, and is a core research group of imec. We are interested in DASH7 as part of the research of low power localisation and communication. IDLab started the development of OSS-7 and is an active DASH7 Alliance member, participating in for example the Protocol Action Group and the University Action Group of the alliance.