Make sure to checkout pyd7a as well. This python package provides a collection of python modules, supporting the DASH7 Alliance Protocol in general, and OSS-7 in particular. It has an API to programmatically access an oss7 modem, tools to parse incoming packets and a webgui to interact with a modem and the network behind it.

IDE Support

The OSS-7 buildsystem and code does not require a specific IDE. The user can choose which IDE to use, if any. CMake supports generating project files for Eclipse CDT, CodeBlocks etc, instead of plain makefiles using the -G option. Alternatively you can use an IDE which natively uses cmake projects like Qt Creator or JetBrain’s CLion.


For debugging most toolchains come with a GDB client which you can attach to a GDB server which is compatible with your programmer. For instance ARM Cortex-M platforms can use Segger’s JLink programmers which comes with JLinkGDBServer. The arm-gcc-embedded toolchain can then be used to connect with the JLinkGDBServer for flashing and debugging. Segger also provides the Ozone GUI tool for debugging.

For Eclipse user: here you can find an Eclipse plugin to integrate JLink debugging in Eclipse. Similarly, EmbSysRegView is an Eclipse addin to view the registers of different MCU’s.

We don’t go into more detail about this here since this depends a lot on your favorite tools and the platform you are using.

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